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Modern Terraced Properties – Your Private Investment Opportunity in Oranienburg

Oranienburg is not just a popular day-trip destination into the metro-region of Berlin but is also increasingly moving into focus for people looking into ways to move permanently out of the city and into the countryside. What drives people to Oranienburg, apart from the desire for a more peaceful way of life and the housing shortage in the German capital, is the fact that this beautiful city with its palace has evolved into the most important economic and administrative location in the northern metro region of Berlin. The spectrum of commercial businesses in Oranienburg is widely diversified and extends from the pharmaceutical-chemical sector (e.g. Takeda) to life sciences, and all the way to transport and logistics (e.g. the logistics centre of the REWE Group). Oranienburg is arguably the powerhouse of the booming economy of the County of Oberhavel. In addition, over 1,700 small- and medium-sized enterprises provide a broad-based sector diversification. During the years between 2006 and 2017, the number of businesses in Oranienburg grew across all size bands. Especially in the retail and service sector, the number of registered businesses has increased rapidly. Roughly 34 percent of the more than 320 retailers based in Oranienburg are located inside the inner city.

Nine trading estates and industrial parks in Oranienburg offer many options to companies wishing to relocate and permanently establish themselves here. With its institutionalised business development programs and a steadily evolving network, the town is lucrative even for starts-ups.

Oranienburg on the River Havel – an Up-and-Coming City

In 2018, the population of this northern suburb of Berlin crossed the mark of 45,000 residents. The latest forecasts assume that the demographic growth will continue and make it the fifth-largest city in the State of Brandenburg by 2030, the year it is expected to reach a population of 50,000. Oranienburg is in any case a great place for reconciling your private life with your professional career. Striking to note is the inflow of residents aged 30 to 55 who are either bringing a family or planning to start one, and who intend to buy or build a home in this charming town. The brisk momentum of Oranienburg is manifest in all areas of urban development: housing construction, the expansion or new-build construction of schools and preschools and the further development of a safe and environmentally friendly traffic growth plan.

As a consequence of the incoming migration to the city, the trend in rents and in the cost of homeownership is just as dynamic but still moderate compared to the situation in the metropolis next door. Anyone looking for a sustainable opportunity for private property investments should take a hard look at this growing city on the Havel north of Berlin with its convenient service connections to Germany’s first city. Making a financial investment in a house in Oranienburg will let you benefit from the positive economic and infrastructure-related development of a vibrant city in a scenic setting.


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