Homes for Owner-Occupiers in Oranienburg

Modern Terraced Properties for Owner-Occupancy in Oranienburg

This northern suburb of Berlin with its population of 45,000 boasts two major advantages: Oranienburg is bicycle-friendly and family-friendly, and both categories suggest a high-level liveability. Then again, they are only two of many reasons that make the city increasingly popular among locals and new arrivals. Oranienburg benefits from an infrastructure that translates into an inner-city of short distances and that includes a rich variety of leisure and educational amenities engaging people of all ages. As it is, the educational infrastructure of Oranienburg includes 21 preschools, eleven elementary schools and two learning disability schools. Among the other educational institutions are a music school and an evening school, and not least the municipal library on Schlossplatz in the heart of town with its integrated children’s library and a wide spectrum of print and digital media.

It is located on the scenic bank of the River Havel which runs through the centre of town. Together with Lehnitzsee and Havelkanal, the river and its green banks serve as local recreational areas for local residents and visitors, offering a variety of outdoor recreational and leisure activities. A highlight is the TURM leisure park on the lake shore of Lehnitzsee. It offers more than 1,300 square metres of water surface, including an adventure bath, an aquatics centre and a sauna cluster of ten saunas and a large sauna garden, and is frequented by people of all ages year-round. Sports and wellness centres, a gym of more than 700 square meters, eight bowling alleys and another eight skittles alleys plus a climbing wall 15 metres tall promise good times for the entire family.

Home for Owner-Occupancy in Oranienburg

For many, the green town of Oranienburg is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the greater Berlin area. Others want to settle permanently in this city with the oldest baroque palace in the Mark Brandenburg region, with the Sachsenhausen memorial and museum, and with the open range zoo and leisure park in Germendorf. Leisure activities, outdoor fun and cultural events blend harmoniously in the palace grounds with its orangery and harbour area.

Another thing that makes Oranienburg so attractive is its network of retail and gastronomy venues, which is particularly dense in the inner city. Popular annual events like the “Koofen and Schwoofen” shopping night or the “Night of Lights” on the last Friday in October bring locals together while also attracting visitors from out of town.

The things that make Oranienburg such a likeable suburb of Berlin would fill a long list indeed. You will have such a good time exploring them. If you are looking for a property to buy in a smaller town in green surroundings, you should definitely check out Oranienburg and consider owner-occupancy of one of the attached houses on Neckarstrasse.

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Our Movie: The Purchase of a Property with Accentro
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